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Registered partner with ministry of rural development for Ajivika skills (DDUGKY). Permanent registration no : DL2016CR7811    Vocational Training Provider (VTP) in Bihar. Permanent registration no 410280154
  • Skill development

    India’s rapidly maturing and growing economy is already witnessing mass sectoral shift in the working population, from agriculture to other sectors of the economy. Knowledgeable, skilled work-force is the driving forces of economic growth and social development. The existing and upcoming sectors require significantly different and quite often specialist skill sets, which calls for focused…

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  • Vision

    We are committed that youth in our Nation will have an opportunity to attain gainful employment through excellent education and training.

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  • Mission

    We at Ingenious with integrity and transparency provide quality education and training through our team of dedicated professionals and well equipped training centers to the youth of our nation and thus work for creating a bright future for them, through gainful employment in collaboration with public and private enterprises. We want to be recognized as an…

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About Ingenious

About Us India is one of the few countries in the world where the working age population will be far in excess of those dependent on them and as per World Bank, this will continue for at least three decades till 2040. This has increasingly been recognized as a potential source of significant strength for the national economy, provided we are able to equip and continuously upgrade the skills of the population in the working age group. Our present education system leaves us with little opportunity to switch from academics to vocational training and vice versa to the students. Employability hence becomes a major issue and career choice is dependent on courses available in school and not a free choice. We strive towards bridging this gap. We engage in the skill development sector and are committed to meet the increasing demand of productive manpower in our nation.


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